Welcome to the Church of the Lost...and Found! 

Welcome! I am the Rev. Dr. JEAU. You know I was once just like you: lost...lonely...unloveable...high on a cocktail of drugs snorted off unsavory women and sending somewhat unsolicited pictures of my penis to great grandmothers at Panamanian nursing homes. But through a great epiphany I was saved! Just as you will be, by donating $10,000 to my church - a priceless endeavor - and the first step on a most righteous path to self actualization and self love. Join me...and together we will be found! 

"Stay true. Be enlightened" 
- Rev. Dr. JEAU

Revival Retreats: Concluded!

"I did not know love to be true until I met the Reverend JEAU" 
- DJ Elder Brother Kwsselus

After a run of 14 spiritual revival retreats in New York City and Los Angeles, do you wish you could give yourself amnesia and meet the Reverend again for the first time?


Highlights from last month's Spiritual Revival 

Acolytes of the Church of the Lost...and Found 

DJ Elder Brother Kwsselus

Lizz Leiser
Jordan Battiste

Edward Coles-Bennett 

Ricardo Delgado

Nathan Markiewicz

Eli Northrup

Matt Tarulli

Megan Barbour

Dan Butchko
Andrew Eccles

Brandon Chow

Ali Saarela 
Nophi Mitchell
Fabian Taylor

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